State of the World Fall 2019

Honestly, things are not looking good.

The Amazon is burning, Right wing governments are on the rise everywhere, and the change in consciousness that would be needed to really make a difference is yet beneath the radar of the collective conscious.

But, what are we going to do? As dire as anyone would like to say things are, it’s also true that we are still here, and many of us with the means and awareness to do something yet.

So, what to do about it?

Well, we can take it for granted that individual actions are not going to make the difference that is needed. So, it must be a systemic change.

How then to affect the systemic change that is needed, and what would those changes need to be?

Well, we can also start with the basics of what the positively changed circumstance would look like. A benignly transformed humankind must exist in ecological integrity with the natural earth world, and it must provide allow for humans to live in relative peace and equanimity.

Focusing on the problem then, ecological destruction and authoritarian inequality, we can hone in on the systemic roots of these problems, and also clarify what a more beautiful system would look like. A more beautiful system would have humans live in synergy with existing and benign energy flows and would allow natural energy flows to continue. And a more beautiful system would disallow hierarchies of power beyond a certain degree; in other words, a more beautiful social organization would give ordinary human beings more power in the communities they belong to.

So, how to get from here to there – that is, from a state of affairs where the machinery of the human economy is counter to natural dynamics, and where human beings are everywhere subservient to others, to a state where we live in regenerative balance and in egalitarian participation in the communities we live in.

That is the question that we should all be concerned with.

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