An Open Letter to the Entire Human Family

An open letter to the entire human family,

Now is the time when humankind must come together to take responsibility for the collective well-being of ourselves and of the Earth-world entirely.

The entire system of human society is now at a point where it could descend into fascist darkness or emerge anew as a cooperative and auspicious order such as the world has never seen or known. Similarly, the natural world, including all the natural systems on which we depend for life and sustenance are at a tipping point where they could descend into a state of possibly terminal degradation, or be allowed to regenerate nearly fully in tandem with a cooperative and benignly symbiotic human species.

The choice is ours to make, and if we are to choose the path of regeneration it will require a great number of ordinary men and women to take this reality to heart and to convert this impulse into a coordinated action such that it has great power by virtue of its number and can overcome the tremendous resistance of those that would resist any significant change to the current world order. For those that would take on this work then, we need first of all, a means to be in communication with one another, and a system for making agreements, carrying out collective actions, and for holding one another accountable for the actions we commit to.

It would seem, therefore, that to begin and to enable such a process that some seemingly arbitrary decisions would need to be made, or, at least, some decisions made for everyone before there is an “everyone” assembled to make such decisions. These decisions would be about, for instance, a means of communication, a system for holding meetings, and all sorts of practical choices about the architecture of a decision-making process, and the form and organization of meetings and so forth. So, great care would need to be applied in the early steps to ensure that the suggested means were offered in purely positive intent with the purpose of maximizing fairness and equity among all those who would participate, and even among all the human family, inclusive of those who do not participate in the initial gathering or perhaps in any gathering.

And equal care would need to be used in coming to the first agreements not only about statements of principle but about forms of action and priorities. Perhaps a framework could be established for the principles that would guide such decisions, and if artfully and benevolently stated it could ring true in the hearts of all of humankind and provide a framework to fall back on to orient plans and decisions to.

These ambiguities and paradoxical challenges notwithstanding, however, the work must still be done, for if it is not, and if human affairs are allowed to continue on current course, the future will be darkness for all.

Therefore, we must act now, and together, and unfettered by these ambiguities and both the paradoxical and practical challenges that confront us, and we should devote steadfast and intelligent energy together to the emergence of a cooperative global system whereby humankind can effectively look after our own collective well-being.

A few principles which can guide us through these first uncertain steps:

All of humankind must be given a voice, and the cooperative system that emerges must recognize and actively strive to include every member of the human family with equal inherent worth.

The global cooperative system that emerges should be a gathering of humankind as humans first, before we are members of any national, ethnic, religious, or any other group that is less that the whole of humankind.

Beyond this, it could be suggested that the following principles also apply:

That decisions of value and consideration of ways of knowing should be made with both individual and collective effort to be made without bias toward a given tradition or established system of knowledge, but rather, made freely in a disposition of openness and free consideration.

That symbols and terminology and collective practices eschew reference to specific nationalities, political projects, or other group interests less than the whole of humankind. For instance, visual metaphors could reference natural and even cosmic phenomenon which are prior to association with any specific nationality or ideology.

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