The Neighborhood Revolution

The following is not meant to be prescriptive, but rather a suggestion of possibilities that may inspire in the reader practical possibilities of their own. Starting around July 2020, for reasons yet unknown, a trend began in urban neighborhoods around the world of neighborhoods coming together to form block and street associations and of neighbors … Continue reading The Neighborhood Revolution

An Open Letter to the Entire Human Family

An open letter to the entire human family, Now is the time when humankind must come together to take responsibility for the collective well-being of ourselves and of the Earth-world entirely. The entire system of human society is now at a point where it could descend into fascist darkness or emerge anew as a cooperative … Continue reading An Open Letter to the Entire Human Family

Revolution is a Process

Something that has been clear to me since attending the Symbiosis Congress in Detroit several weeks ago is that any kind of systemic change is a process, and that it requires a process of learning-by-doing and then iterating. In simpler terms, that the political and economic revolution many of us are suggesting is necessary these … Continue reading Revolution is a Process